Sunday, 4 May 2014

Missguided Ripped Jeans

Today I tried to rip some old jeans myself following the instructions on Missguided's website which can be found here. I have recently lost some weight and therefore have jeans which don't fit me so I felt it acceptable to risk it on this pair (haha!). They don't look too big but I had to pull them up and had a massive gap but luckily this can't really be seen from the pictures! They are New Look acid wash jeans and I turned up the bottoms today just because I like the ankle grazer look. Despite needing a belt I am still going to wear these jeans because they look kind of cool high waisted and look slightly baggy like boyfriend jeans (to me anyway...) Simply using some scissors, cardboard and a nail file instead of sand paper I attempted to rip them! Below are pictures of the outcome. Not sure what I think and whether I will actually be brave enough to wear them - what do you think?! The tutorial is really easy to follow so if anyone wants to save some money and wants ripped jeans give it a go and let me know how you get on :):)

 Oh by the way, sorry about the photo quality, I'm not very good at taking photos and I have to use my phone as I don't have a proper camera! Any tips to improve my photography taking skills would be much appreciated! I also felt slightly silly posing so excuse the obvious lack of posing experience...

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